Content writing and its pitfalls

For the layman, it is difficult to fully understand the quality of a bag, because you don't know how to judge the quality of leather products. Today, let bigufate leather products to popularize, a qualified bag products, with what characteristics.

First of all, from the fabric, the fabric determines the quality of a leather goods processing product, only good fabric processing products, can have more scratch resistant, more wear-resistant characteristics. Secondly, in terms of workmanship, we can see the quality from the stitches of leather bags. The stitches of high-quality leather bags should match up and down. The stitches should be straight and the needle spacing should be consistent. There should be no empty or missing stitches. Thirdly, from the hardware accessories point of view, a leather bag can not do without hardware products to decorate the place, such as zippers, locks and so on. Therefore, when a leather bag product is produced, it is necessary to check the shape of its hardware accessories, how it is made, whether there is fading, etc.